Saturday, February 02, 2013

What Republicans Can Learn From Ed Koch

One of many amusing anecdotes about the Mayor for Life:

[former Deputy Mayor Stanley] Brezenoff, who served in all 12 years of the Koch administration, recalled yesterday how in later years, the former mayor would meet passers-by who would say, “We miss you. We want you back.”

“No, you don’t. You voted me out,” Koch replied. “And now you must be punished.”

“I was with him when he did that on several occasions,” Brezenoff said. “And he was only partly joking.”

Honesty is a very refreshing trait, in a political class that has such a paucity of it.  So is an in-your-face confrontational style, which quite frankly (or sadly) is suited to the times.  Just ask Chris Christie, he of the 70%+ approval rating in a blue state, how that approach is working out for him...

It is time for the Republican party, as a whole, to adopt it.  Take off the tux and tails, boys, and put on the boxing gloves.  And be ready, because everyone is gonna want to fight you, from Sandra Fluke to 60 Minutes.

It's a brawl we can win.   And as I have stated before, there is nothing wrong with starting off with a blunt "I told you so" right to the kisser.

Then explain to folks exactly how they earned their punishment, and who they need to vote for to make it stop...

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Jim - PRS said...

I disagreed with him often, but I always liked and respected him. If you asked him a question, you'd get an answer. You might not like the answer, but you'd get one, rather than a speech packed with party-authored talking points.