Friday, February 15, 2013

End Times? Oh, You Betcha! Watch Fire Rain Down Upon Russia...

The Pope abdicates, perhaps ion line with the doomsday prophecy of the mysterious Saint Malachy. Meanwhile, another self-proclaimed prince works furiously to tear down the world's greatest nation from the inside, plundering its wealth and decimating its defenses.  The Middle East seethes and froths, and while the Jews huddle and prepare to fight off another Holocaust (by themselves, again), a tiny despot on the Korean continent enslaves and starves his people while preparing weapons of mass destruction.

Amidst all this, meteors come shrieking furiously through the sky, hurling down upon Russia with a blinding flash and a roar, injuring at least 1,000 locals, maybe more:

Impact photos:

And they say God doesn't send signs.  I've said for a while that he does.  Just need to open your eyes, ever so slightly....

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