Thursday, February 07, 2013

Republicans Not Quite As Dead As The Media Would Have You Believe...

If only the media were smart enough to play "connect the dots", they would realize that their liberal "victory" in November was pyrrhic (or perhaps pointless), and that in reality, their party is getting smoked.


Obama campaigned on raising taxes for families making above $250K.  The best deal he was able to wrangle out of Congress was hikes on incomes over $450K, and in return, had to make the remainder of the  hated "Bush tax cuts" permanent.  Something George W. Bush wasn't able to do, mind you,  with a Republican House and Senate.

Susan Rice was blocked from becoming the next Secretary of State.  Chuck Hagel's nomination has been derailed, and while it is still possible he may become the next Secretary of Defense, he has been exposed as a bumbler and a fool, and his erstwhile boss as a man of little to no judgement.

And Obama's pick for Treasury Secretary - Jack Lew, perhaps the dumbest and most partisan of the bunch - appears to be on the ropes as well.

If Bob Menendez (D-La Raza) gets sent off to the hoosegow - which seems increasingly likely, and has been long deserved - one Christopher Christie will be the man to appoint his replacement.  And if the Big Man even wants to dream about running for president in 2016, he's gotta put forth a Republican.  And so the Democratic Senate majority will dwindle even further.

Of course, there is this lesser mentioned result of the 2012 elections:

50 states. 30 of them have Republicans governors. 25 of them have complete and total Republican control - the governorship, senate, and house.

And that's not to mention the popularity of some of these Republican governors in deep blue states - the aforementioned Chris Christie, who no one dares run against, and Scott Walker in Wisconsin, who, when forced into a recall, won by a larger margin than he did the first time.

And diversity?  We've got Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Tim Scott.  They've got....Bob Menendez.  Which does give the Democrats the corner on statutory rapists.

I've been down in the dumps for a while now, dragging my dick through the dirt, downcast and downbeat.

But maybe it's gonna be all right after all....

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