Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stonehenge: New York

Taken on Tuesday, February 12th, at 8:00AM.  Just about on the corner of 52nd and 7th, facing due east:

Who were the mysterious settlers of this narrow barrier island, and why did they erect their buildings in such a way that on every February 11th, their home star would rise directly between them?  Was there a significance to this date - a time of festival, or perhaps of reflection and mourning?

And how could these primitives have built such a city, which must have been magnificent in its heyday? Structures which reached towards the sky, tunnels that ran underground, busy harbors, active roads, and lush speaks to a higher intelligence, yet these people seemingly destroyed themselves.

How did it happen, and why? There is no evidence of a natural disaster, so the decay and decline must have been self-inflicted. Our studies of these curious "New Yawk Ers", as they seem to have called themselves, continue, but so far answers as to their fate seem elusive.

Perhaps this edifice with it's solar orientation bears a clue. Although most research does seem to indicate that this society was not under the sway of any  "sun god"; they did, in fact, worship a higher deity.  They referred to him simply as "The One"...or occasionally, by the more primitive name "Barack"...

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