Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sequester: Obama's Plan To Torment Americans Into Acquiescence

Literally. So says  Politco:

He will divide, isolate and defeat Republicans using all the powers of his office and all his skills as a political campaigner. As Americans grow frustrated with the cuts, Republicans will reject their party’s no-tax mantra and demand that Congress end the standoff, even if it means raising some new revenue – just the way Obama is demanding.

Obama’s trying to speed this result, by releasing state by state details of the pain and suffering the sequester will cause, all meant to get Republicans to cave.

If Republicans hold firm, the White House will look to its next major point of leverage: the real-life hassle of the sequester itself. Once people feel the pain, Republicans will want to find a way out, the theory goes.

So Obama wants people - the people whom elected him leader - to "feel the pain"?  Oh, you betcha.

Glenn Reynolds, yesterday:

SO SINCE DEMOCRATIC LOBBYISTS ARE SAYING THAT the worst thing for them is if the sequester hits and nothing happens, I assume that the Obama Administration is doing what it can to ensure maximum sequester-pain for voters. Somebody ought to be filing FOIA requests for emails concerning sequester implementation; there’s probably some gold there.

Well, don't count on the media to do it, they've got too much invested in the narrative.  The president will be poking us with cattle prods, and as we writhe in agony, the press will tell us the Republicans are doing it.

Paul Rahe warns us some bad shit is coming down the 'pike:

Everyone has seen this before at the state level. The legislature trims the projected budget, and the Governor, intent on expanding patronage, responds by declaring an emergency and by cutting access to state parks, library hours . . . you name it. The point is to rally the public against the legislature by cutting popular items while carefully protecting the pork that sustains the Governor's political party.

This sort of irresponsibility is, I suspect, what we will soon see at the federal level. The difference is that Obama will be more brazen and audacious than any Governor has ever been.

Rahe goes on to point out the obvious - that the media will align against the Republicans - and speaks of a need for courage.

I speak of a need for some insanity.

Republicans leadership needs to start going batshit crazy now - today, this minute - and point out the fact Obama has been lying about the sequester for months, and intends to inflict increased hardships upon the American people in order to bend the federal government to his will.  They must warn  - on every radio and TV show they can get their pug-ugly faces on - that Obama is planning to make the life of every American as miserable as possible, for as long as possible, in the hopes they will pressure the Republicans to join him in the raping and looting of what remains of our national treasure.

"We always said change was not going to be easy..."

Look into the camera and say it, girls:  Barack Obama will not stop twisting the arms of hardworking Americans until they do his bidding, and launch their own attack upon the Republican party.

Stick to the storyline - and let the media snicker.  And when it goes down, the Republicans will be in the stronger position, because they will have called it all beforehand.

There is another option:  Stay defensive, and wind up evolving into the Whigs by 2014.

Up to the Republican leadership now.  Cower, and die as a party (and a nation).  Start shouting now about the evil that is about to befall us...and everyone might just be saved.

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