Tuesday, February 05, 2013

As Tax Revenues In Blue States/Blue Cities Decrease, Expect To See A Lot More Of This...

Gangsterism, plain and simple, from the liberal metropolis formerly known as the City of Brotherly Love:

Dick Yuengling may be throwing back a few of his own brews after receiving a civil lawsuit from the city that claims his brewery, D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc., has failed to pay more than $6.6 million in city taxes, interest and penalty fees.

How does a Pottsville-based beer company that doesn't have a brewery or a plant in Philadelphia come to owe millions in business-income and -receipts taxes to the city?

It's not clear, because no one from the city would comment on the suit or explain even the basic foundation of the claims.

The business-income and -receipts tax (BIRT), formerly known as the business-privilege tax (BPT), can be levied on any person or corporation that engages in taxable activity within the city, even if that business is not in the city.

What the city constitutes as a taxable activity "is essentially a factual determination made on a case-by-case basis," according to the regulations listed on the city's website.

The civil suit against Yuengling was filed in Philadelphia last week and claims that America's oldest brewery failed to pay its business tax, though the suit does not detail what activities Yuengling conducted within Philadelphia that the city determined to be taxable.

When the law is determined on a case by case basis, there is no law to be obeyed, only immunity from government malice that can only be purchased in cash from the party in power.  Which are almost always Democrats  because this is how they roll, all the way down from Barack Obama to Senator Bob Menendez.  From Tammany Hall to Mayor Daley.

Barstool Sports:

$6.6 million based on some tax they kinda just made up and decided Yuengling needs to pay while refusing to divulge even the smallest bit of detail as to why? Shady-ass city being shady.

It’s a wonder who the Yuengling guys pissed off to make this sorta thing happen. Did Dick Yuengling leave a bloody hooker in Mayor Nutter’s beach house? Are the Yuengling trucks involved in the heroin trade and the company failed to pay the city their cut? So many possibilities.

Whatever it is doesn’t matter unless the price of Black & Tan goes up. Then we have a problem.

I like the way B-Sports takes the gangsterism as a given.  And they inadvertently make the point, in their final sentence, that it's OK to beat up on the "rich", as long as nothing happens to the middle class.

Someone out to remind Philadelphia residents which brewery handed out some 10,000 free beers to city drinkers last September to thank them for their support.  I kind of have the feeling Mr. Yuengling is gonna think twice before bestowing any favors on the people who elect his extortioners...

Is that considered a "problem"?

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Anonymous said...

When are we going to bring back tar and feathering? Seriously, this was the message to the govt that they were overstepping their bounds and the people weren't going to stand for their BS much longer. I hope before I breathe my last breath...that I see people push back of a significant amount, that the govt tries to flex its muscle, only to realize that its muscle are also everyday joes like ourselves, and they end up realizing in the end....it is THEY who work for US...not the other wasy around.

Our founding fathers never in a million years pictured where we are at would one day be reality. They fought Britain for a lot less than what is being forced upon us now. The never even in a million years thought rational everyday Americans would CHEER for the destruction of the 2nd amendment. Who does that. Even if you hate guns, and will never own one, you still benefit from other having their guns. Taxes, socialism, gun grabs (or worse gun registrations, which is what I think they REALLY REALLY want), obamacare, and so on.

Well,we were warned...If we could keep it, and the tree of liberty needs to be quenched with blood from blah blah blah....its all true.

What amazes me the most is how people are so quick to destroy the rich. Don't they realize that it is the rich that give us all of the great things we h ave in life. Our jobs, our cool affordable stuff, air conditioning, free from fear of diseases...you name it.

Poor people are FAT and many of them live in a way better world then Rockefeller did. Rockefeller didn't have indoor plumbing, lights, air conditioning, listen to the radio, go to the movies, (OMG...HE NEVER SAW STAR WARS), TV, movies, radio, travel by car at 89mph in complete comfort, planes (could get from NY to California in like 8 hours or London in about 15. Ice, clean drinking water, supermarkets, malls, clothing outlets, home depot, internet porn, nuclear subs, Aircraft carriers, and so on. He had a bigger house, but I live better than he does.