Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CBS Cancels "The Job"...

Written here, about two weeks ago:

What does it say about our society - and about the social and economic trajectory of the Untied States - when the newest television reality show offers, as its final grand prize....a middle-class job?

We live in a time when a having a middle-class job has mutated from the American Dream to a luxury, when even those lucky enough to still have one live in perpetual fear that they’ll be fired next.

“The Job” turns this massive human toll into spectacle, dangling the prospect of an unspecified mid-level position in front of desperate contestants, who degrade themselves by telling their most pathetic personal histories in the paradoxical quest to regain some dignity.

People on “The Job,” meanwhile, are competing to become paper pushers, wine slingers, bureaucrats. The first episode’s “prize” is an assistant-manager job at a restaurant.

The American people seemed to have agreed, as "The Job" got canceled yesterday after only two episodes:

The contestants on "The Job" don't deserve to be unemployed. It's a different story, however, for the CBS executive who green-lighted this depressing Mark Burnett reality show.

But the reason most of us watch TV is to escape our realities, and "The Job" instead rubbed our faces into them. It consistently reminded us of how sad the state of our economy must be when the most impossible-to-attain prize a competition show can think to award is a middle-class job to someone who is completely qualified for it.

I don't know about you, but battling C-level celebrities for charity -- or other tribes to remain on a tropical island -- isn't an everyday thing for me. But I did apply last year when Buzzmedia, one of the companies featured on "The Job," advertised a full-time position after I got laid off by my newspaper. And the application didn't even warrant a response.


We all know how tight CBS is with the president - just witness how they turned 60 Minutes over to him just a few weeks ago.

Could the executive who green-lighted this mess really be...Barack Hussein Obama?

If CBS will whore out its premiere news franchise for the president, why wouldn't they consult him on an economy-based reality show?

Why would they, you ask? Well, based on the network's embrace of crony capitalism and their support of the Obama agenda, the question is...why wouldn't they?

He's just stupid enough to believe a circus like this would give the American people "hope".  In other words, Barack Obama is just smart enough to be...a reality TV producer.

Hello again America, and welcome to..."Wheel of Misfortune!"
Hello again America, and welcome to..."What's My Lie?"
Hello again America, and welcome to..."Our Life Savings In Jeopardy!"
Hello again America, and welcome to..."Let's Make A Steal!"

Which explains why Obama does a "manufactured crisis" about every six weeks. He's hamming it up for the audience at home, hoping to get just enough ratings to stay relevant for another day...

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