Friday, August 19, 2011

Verizon Workers Striking Against...ObamaCare? Oh, You Betcha !

The unions finally got a stooge in the White House...too bad it was Curly.

So why are those Verizon buggy whip manufacturers - sorry, land-line workers - on strike? Right, because they don't want to have to contribute anything - not a thin dime - to their health plans. And why are they being asked to do so? Ah:

Two unions are on strike against Verizon Communications in protest of proposed company policies that the unions themselves helped bring about. The new Obamacare law, which both unions supported, dramatically hikes the cost of Verizon’s employee health care plan. Efforts to pass some of that cost on to employees have sparked outrage, and now a strike.

Verizon’s health care plan is what President Obama commonly referred to as a “Cadillac plan” – expensive and luxurious – during his push to get health care legislation through Congress. The new law will levy a 40 percent tax on all health care plans with individual coverage worth more than $10,200 and family coverage worth more than $24,000. Though the tax will not go into effect until 2018, “Verizon is required to account for this cost now,” according to company literature distributed to employees. “Accordingly, we will need to modify plan designs to avoid the impact of this tax.”

Verizon says it current pays $4 billion annually to cover nearly 900,000 employees’ health care. Its hundreds of thousands of unionized employees, though, pay nothing towards their health care premiums. The company estimates the “Cadillac tax” will add about $200 million to those annual costs....

You gotta pass it to find out what’s in it, suckas! Greg Pollowitz

Sorry, guys. And it's only going to get worse. Check this bit of stupidity out:

A controversial proposal to build a massive underground pipeline to carry 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day from the oil sands of Alberta, Canada, to refineries in Texas has become the environmental issue of the summer, pitting developers and labor unions desperate for construction jobs against environmentalists and Native American tribes who fear the pipeline will spell environmental disaster.

The American Petroleum Institute and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, both of which are urging the State Department to approve the project, held a conference call with journalists Thursday in which they claimed the pipeline could generate 20,000 new jobs....

That's 20,000 jobs you ain't getting, bitches, 'cause the EPA calls the shots in Obamaland.. And speaking of clueless is your puppet president? This clueless, as recently as last week:

...this last month and a half have been extraordinary....We actually have jumpstarted an entire industry here in the United States, building advanced batteries that are going to go into electric vehicles. Not only does it create jobs, manufacturing jobs that pay well, but it also is going to make a huge contribution in terms of our environment and reducing carbon emissions.

Nice fantasy, Mr. President. Too bad we're only selling less than 1000 Leafs and Volts a month...combined. That's more a niche than an industry, in my reckoning...

Bottom line: Barack Hussein Obama is one stupid m*therf*cker, a college boy who had utopian ideas in his head with no idea how to implement them, and was glad to be used as a puppet for every constituency that crossed his transom, as long as they ponied up the re-election dough. And guess what? Just about every constituency got screwed, possibly the aforementioned union members most of all. Suckas!   

Barack Obama is..."Bart the Genius"

STUDENT 3: What do you think of the new kid?

STUDENT 1: A rather mediocre genius.

STUDENT 2: Yes, not very bright at all...

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