Sunday, August 14, 2011

Barack Obama: This Generation's Martin Luther King?

Hey, I'm not making that call, that's simply the gospel according to ...Barack Obama.  Said claim made before the only people who might possibly believe him - Hollywood movie stars who paid a fortune to bask in his glory.  Speaking from Harvey Weinstein's basement, before such noted intellectuals as  Jimmy Fallon, Anna Wintour and Pharrell Williams, Obama drew the parallels between himself and the great civil rights leader:

And now that King has his own memorial on the Mall I think that we forget when he was alive there was nobody who was more vilified, nobody who was more controversial, nobody who was more despairing at times.  There was a decade that followed the great successes of Birmingham and Selma in which he was just struggling, fighting the good fight, and scorned, and many folks angry.  But what he understood, what kept him going, was that the arc of moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.  But it doesn’t bend on its own.  It bends because all of us are putting our hand on the arc and we are bending it in that direction.  And it takes time.  And it’s hard work.  And there are frustrations.

King was trying to achieve parity for black citizens in portions of the country that would give no quarter.  What, exactly, is Obama trying to accomplish that is even remotely on that scale? Taxing the rich? Building windmills? Revising patent laws?

What's next - comparing himself to Jesus Christ on the cross, with his persecutors being a combination of Republicans (although knowing this president, he might stick with blaming the Jews for his political crucifxition) and FOX news?

It's laughable, really - except when you come to realize King Narcissus really might believe his own drivel...

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