Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rick Perry: Smarter Than Obama, Funnier Than Letterman

OK, I admit those are two pretty low bars.  But being that they are esteemed by liberals as the brightest and the cleverest, respectively, what can they say about the smart and sharply witty Rick Perry?

Well, they can hate with frothing rage and jealousy, I suppose.  Which explains almost the entirety of the Perry coverage we've seen since the eve of his announcement....

The Washington Examiner has the Top 10 Perry One-Liners So Far.  Glad they put the disclaimer in the headline, I feel this is one list that will need to be updated regularly.

Go read them all, these are my favorites:

- “We’re going to stop spending the money, unless I run out of ink in a veto pen.”  - Perry on how he's going to get a balanced budget.

- “Give him my love”  - Perry to reporters about fellow GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney

- "We don’t have tsunamis in Texas.”  - Perry on why he supports nuclear energy.

- "I never comment on whether I'm carrying a handgun or not . . that's why it's called concealed." -Perry on whether he was armed while at the Iowa State Fair

- “Anybody that wears that color pants, you gotta win,” - Perry to a man wearing salmon colored pants.

Eat your heart out, David Letterman.  Sh*t thy pants, Barack Obama....

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