Saturday, August 06, 2011

Reporting the facts in order of importance....

Just the placement of the line highlighted in red within this minor news story made me smirk...via the New York Post:

Fire marshals investigating a roaring SoHo inferno yesterday morning were stunned to find a massive marijuana stash in the apartment of a celebrity photographer, sources said.

Jennifer Tzar, 44, allegedly had 10 pounds of weed stuffed in plastic bags and left in plain sight inside her fifth-floor apartment at 68 Thompson St., where the nasty three-alarm blaze was extinguished at about 4:30 a.m.

"It was high quality," one source said.

Third paragraph, first quote.  First question that came to every reader's mind, I suppose...

Some other good stuff in this non-story of sorts

The blaze also brought out some good Samaritans.

About the same time as Tzar's bust, tenant Kathie Cammann, 64 -- still dressed in her pajamas -- was approached by a neighborhood resident who gently pressed a pocketbook into her arms.

Inside, Cammann said, was a toothbrush and $100.

Nice.  But how will Jennifer Tzar be able to create bizarre mood photos/pieces like these without her pounds and pounds of weed?

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