Monday, August 08, 2011

"The Democratic Downgrade" - As Per S&P

Let the Left try to blame it on the Tea Party...S&P, although they won't come out and say so, clearly begs to differ:

Even with the debt limit agreement passed by Congress, he said, "the underlying debt burden of the U.S. is rising and will continue to rise over the next decade."

Ed Morrissey:

Actually, the Tea Party caucus in Congress had it right.  The bond raters needed to see the US take a significant step towards ending deficit spending and getting future liabilities under control.  The problem with the lack of consensus came from the resistance of Democrats to the fiscal realities of the situation we face.  Instead of addressing the real problems, Democrats blocked any attempt to deal with the entitlement crises and would only agree to address discretionary spending.

Barack Obama and the Democrats promised America two (electric) cars in every garage and a chicken in every pot, but instead sold us a shit sandwich, and now are trying to blame a small portion of the minority party for screwing up their recipe, which would have been oh-so-delicious, if only they could have spent a few trillion more of our dollars to make it just right.

Ah...I don't think the American people are going to buy that. And when - as he invariably will - Obama goes on TV to make one of his patented whiny "it's everyone else's fault but mine!" primetime speeches, expect the American people to tune him out, and go shopping for another cook...

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