Monday, August 08, 2011

Obama's Speech: More of the same....

No transcripts available yet, but....did I just hear him say that what we need to spend additional dollars on welfare (extending unemployment beyond 99 weeks) and on stimulus (employing construction workers with infrastructure projects), and then insinuating since these are things that Republicans had agreed to in the past (the stimulus? really?), that only radical partisanship could lead them not to enact these policies?

Where the hell is the money supposed to come from in order to pay for these things?

The Dow knows bullshit when it hears is -470 and falling....

UPDATE:  Market was down 397 before The One opened his yap at 1:50P; it dropped another 237 points after spoke, for a total loss of -635.  Can someone tell this guy just to shut the f*ck up?

He uttered some empty platitudes, offered no plan, (amazingly) called for more government spending, and continued his advocacy of class-warfare taxation.

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