Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rick Perry vs. Barack Obama: Which One Is Truly Dumb?

We've addressed this question before, and it will come up again and again, as liberals work to convince the American people that anyone who disagrees with their agenda is an idiot.  Worked well in 1980, 1984, 2000, and 2004, I suppose....

Today's charge of idiocy against Rick Perry is base upon him calling Social Security a "Ponzi Scheme".  He's touched the third of American politics!  He's maligning (these) popular programs on the campaign trail!  He's...moving up in the polls?

John McCormack over at The Weekly Standard notes:

The Democratic National Committee emailed reporters three different stories reporting Perry's "Ponzi scheme" remark this weekend, so Democrats clearly think Perry's statement could hurt him with seniors in a general election.

It's worth noting that the attack wasn't very effective against one candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010. Ron Johnson had called Social Security a "Ponzi scheme" but rather than completely backing down, he produced this ad:

"Guess what's coming in Russ Feingold's negative campaign? He's going to tell you I said, 'Washington treats Social Security as a Ponzi scheme.' You know what? I did say that. Because it's true. Russ Feingold and politicians both parties raided the Social Security trust fund of trillions and left seniors an IOU. They spent the money. It's gone. I'll fight to keep every nickel of Social Security for retirees. And I'll respect you enough to tell you the truth."

Johnson went on to beat Russ Feingold 52 percent to 47 percent in Wisconsin.

Rick Perry: Smarter than a fox (or a wily coyote).  But Barack Obama, on the other hand, well...here's Byran Preston:

When President Obama introduced his new economic adviser today, he...needed two teleprompters to pull off this one-note, three-minute speech. What person in public life needs a teleprompter just to introduce someone else?

Obama’s speeches score lower in their content reading level than any other modern president. The words tend to be small, and the sentence structures simple. Obama doesn’t write these speeches entirely, of course, but they are supposed to represent his thinking and are crafted to suit his delivery style.

Obama himself is a terrible writer....many of Obama’s sentences are muddled messes. The other is that Obama’s extemporaneous speaking sounds very similar to the muddled sentences he wrote as a young man. The ideology is certainly the same.


Barack Obama actually does not think very deeply, does not retain information very well or for very long, and cannot form the ideas he does believe into coherent, grammatically-correct sentences. For a fourth point, consider that he hardly ever shows any real curiosity or passion about much and has not shown any ability to process new information or change his mind about anything, and you have ample evidence that Barack Obama is quite average, and possibly below average.

A below average genius (see Simpson, Bart), whose poll numbers are moving in exactly the opposite direction of Rick Perry...

You want a "smart" president who will give us "smart" government" and use "smart" power and "smart" diplomacy? Call a Texan...

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