Friday, February 03, 2006

"The War Is On"

Yea, I've been saying that for a while, but now the Islamists are calling us out...via Little Green Footballs:

Yesterday Mullah Krekar, the alleged leader of the Islamist group Ansar al-Islam who has been living in Norway as a refugee since 1991, said that the publication of the Muhammad cartoons was a declaration of war. The war has begun,” he told Norwegian journalists. Mr Krekar said Muslims in Norway are preparing to fight. It does not matter if the governments of Norway and Denmark apologize, the war is on.

Islamist organizations all over the world are issuing threats towards Europeans. The Islamist terrorist group Hizbollah announced that it is preparing suicide attacks in Denmark and Norway. A senior imam in Kuwait, Nazem al-Masbah, said that those who have published cartoons of Muhammad should be murdered.

So is Europe ready to fight back, or will we need to sacrifice American lives to storm the beaches of Normandy once again? Or will Europe appease once again, and fold their freedom of the press to survive for a short spell longer...?

UPDATE: The U.S. State Department pays lip service to our freedoms, and defends Islamic violence and intolerance!

While recognizing the importance of freedom of the press and expression, State Department press officer Janelle Hironimus said these rights must be coupled with press responsibility.
"Inciting religious or ethnic hatred in this manner is not acceptable," Hironimus said. "We call for tolerance and respect for all communities and for their religious beliefs and practices."

There was nothing to get incited about, Janelle, just a few pictures....would it be OK for Catholics to riot every time their religion is besmirched on TV or in the Times? Why the double-standard? And again, what about the Muslims respected one of our core beliefs, a right to a free press??

Bad move - no matter what we do, the Arab Street will always hate us - why bow down to their insanity?

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Anonymous said...

Has president bush said anything yet? Is the State department statement reflective of his thoughts and official admin policy?