Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hamas: The War on Israel Begins...

Exiled political leader Khaled Mashaal reiterated that Hamas would not bow to Arab and international pressure to recognize Israel and that the group — once in power — would not act to prevent militant attacks on the Jewish state...

The smaller militant group Islamic Jihad, meanwhile, declared it would forge ahead with attacks against Israel — signaling that even if Hamas eventually bows to pressure, other Palestinian radicals will not. Islamic Jihad has been responsible for all six suicide bombings since Palestinian factions agreed to a cease-fire a year ago.
Mashaal said Hamas would not renounce violence or act to stop anti-Israeli attacks because it was obliged to resist what it regards as Israel's occupation of Palestinian land.

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Bad? How about this?

A top Hamas leader laughed Tuesday at Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plans for Israel's final borders, while another Hamas leader said that Jews could be citizens in a Palestinian state.
Hamas, which won the Palestinian legislative elections by a landslide in January, wants Israel to cease to exist and a Palestinian state to be created on all of mandatory Palestine...
Sheikh Yasser Mansour, No. 5 on the Hamas national list, chuckled over the phone from Nablus when he heard from The Jerusalem Post the list of Jewish settlements in Olmert's vision of Israel's final borders.
"If he wants to find a solution [to the Israel-Palestinan conflict] he must accept less than what he wants," said Mansour evenly....

But remember the Washington Post's favorite terrorist, Moussa Abu Marzouk? He has a most generous offer:

"When historic Palestine is reinstated, they can come and live among us. They will have a Palestinian nationality," he told AP.

In other words - the Jews become dhimmis in a Palestinian state, or die. [J-Post story above here:]

I give it a year, maybe less, before full-scale warfare breaks out, and the Palestinian people see themselves set back another twenty years...oh, how they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

But the sympathy meter here stays stuck on zero...

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