Sunday, February 12, 2006

Danes = The New Jews!!

Via Tim Blair:

Angry Palestinians have gathered in East Jerusalem to protest against the publication in Europe of cartoons of the prophet Muhammad.
One group of menacing young men went up to a TV cameraman who was filming the event and demanded to know if he was Danish. He replied that he was Israeli. “Oh, that’s all right, then,” they said, and left him alone.

Hmmm...I'm sure they'll get back to him later. Poor Danes, suffering an international Kristallnacht for printing a few cartoons...The Bully Pulpit gives us a photo comparison - now:

And then:

And yet, we are told that thes Islamofascists are "misunderstood", and "victimized", by Western liberals. There is very little to misunderstand here; I reckon we have seen it all before...

Don't believe me? Take it from the source!

The Bully Pulpit here: . Tim Blair here:

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