Sunday, February 19, 2006

Iran: ElBaradei Offers a Western Surrender

Yesterday I argued that the UN is worse than a useless organization, it is in league with the world's fascists as well. Today we see that their top nuclear proliferation expert shrugs his shoulders at the Iranian weapons program and says the West must aquiese:

...the world's nuclear watchdog chief has warned there may be no choice but to accept limited uranium enrichment by Tehran, diplomats say.
For a mistrustful West, the quid pro quo would be to give U.N. inspectors more intrusive powers via a Security Council resolution to prevent suspected atomic bomb projects.
Tehran in turn would have to pledge no industrial-scale enrichment of uranium..

"The world's nuclear watchdog" ?? Hardly, how many rouge nations have aquired/are on their way to aquiring nukes under this stooges' watch? According to IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei , the way to solve the problem is to give in to the terrorist nation and give more power to the UN, who OF COURSE will make sure nothing bad happens. After all, they will have Tehran's word on it!

"Nothing of consequence will happen in the Security Council because the Russians and Chinese will block sanctions," the diplomat said of the two non-Western big powers determined to protect massive energy investments and trade with Iran....
Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has welcomed ElBaradei's idea as a potential way to dispel Western suspicions Tehran seeks atomic bombs....

Everone knows that Russia and China have no intention of letting sanctions proceed; the UN charade is simply another way to buy time for Iran to progress its bomb-building work. The fact that Iran likes the idea is more bad news, and it underscores the binding relationship between the UN and totalitarian countries. No doubt they would have found legal loopholes to allow Hitler to arm himself as well throughout the 30's...

"We are a nuclear country. The (West) knows it has no other choice but to negotiate," Gholamreza Aghazadeh told state television, adding that Iran had invited Western countries to invest in Natanz and be present on site.
"There is no greater objective guarantee (against bomb-building) we can provide to the world," he said.

Why not take them, and their threats against us, at their word? No, no, no, we must negotiate with them until they are a nuclear terror state, then it will be easier to surrender to them!
Now here's a true fact that throws a wrench into the UN's simple appeasment project:

"ElBaradei's suggestion seems naive ... If the Iranians get the compromise he's raised, they're likely to demand more concessions, especially operating more centrifuges," said David Albright, a former IAEA inspector in Iraq and director of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington.

Yup...and I have to believe the UN knows this. So why give the Iranians a meter if they are going to take a kilometer? Is the UN intentionally trying to level the playing field against the United States and Israel in the Middle East? Are they in favor of a new worldwide Islamic fascist domination supported by nuclear force? If not, why won't they stand up for freedom, and for the West?

Because the UN is really, truly on the side of the Islamists here...we should not be party to policies created by those whom wish to destroy us and impose other values. The UN must, must go, before it does any more damage to world peace...

Article here from al-Reuters...

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