Saturday, February 18, 2006

The UN Descends Into Fascism

The United Nations is an anti-Semitic fascist organization that should be de-funded by American taxpayers and disbanded, not unlike its feckless predecessor, the League of Nations. Two examples of the perfidy of this organization of hate states, first from Eugene Volokh:

Which Organization Runs Schools That Use Materials That:
[Describe] Zionism as "a racist ideology and political movement that appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century" and inform[] readers that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were "a group of confidential resolutions adopted by the [Basel Zionist] Congress ... the goal of which is world domination."
[P]rovide Middle East maps with no] mention of Israel.
[Give] students this assignment: "Let us research and write [an essay] about one of the Palestinian martyr leaders [suicide bombers]."
The answer,
Michael Krauss and Peter Pham report, is the United Nations, specifically the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.
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Nice work, fascists! Maybe the reason that the new generation is just as full of Jew-hatred as the previous one is because you've been providing them with this type of reading material to learn from?
No, the UN tells us, if only Israel would give up all of its territory, and Jerusalem as well, then the Arabs would be appeased, and we could all live in peace.
Right. Anyway. Today's New York Post editorializes on the recent UN report demanding the closing of Gitmo:

Says the U.N. team: What happens at Gitmo is nothing less than torture — and those responsible should themselves face the long arm of the law "up to the highest level of military and political command."
And how do these gumshoes know this?
Why, they read all about it in The New York Times and watched it on CNN. Oh, and they talked to former detainees.
What they did not do, however, is visit Guantanamo and see things for themselves.
After all, it's so much easier when you only need to get one side of the story.
Indeed, as Kevin Moley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N.'s Geneva offices, wrote in a letter last month, the report "selectively includes only those factual assertions needed to support those conclusions and ignores other facts that would undermine those conclusions."

Why do they hate us?. Well, you can imagine what the foreign press has been writing, now that the closing of Gitmo has been endorsed by a UN team - actually, you don't have to imagine. It is pretty well covered here at Watching America .

Back to the NY Post - the UN report goes further, and -

demands an end to any and all interrogation techniques being used at Gitmo and accuses the U.S. of, among other things, violating prisoners' freedom of religion.

Hmm..does this prisoner look like he is having his human rights violated-

-Or packing for a vacation? Such is the tortured life at Gitmo...

And thus, my fascism charge. The UN puts out reports based on half-truth and full lies, while ignoring evidence to the contrary, in an intentional attempt to inflame the world against America. It supports the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel by actively promoting vile lies and myths (almost Goebbels-like) in Palestinian society. The UN turns a blind eye to its own financial and moral corruption, and like any government built on fear and hate, finds scapegoats to vent their anger on.

The UN must be eliminated, for the sake of world peace.

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Malott said...

Can you believe we actually give these reprobates money to trash us and our allies? I'm just waiting for a president to come along and call this spade a spade and spend four years ignoring and stiffing this corrupt body.