Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cartoon Violence

So here is one of the cartoons deemed so offensive that Muslims worldwide have felt the need to engage in lawlessness, arson, robbery, and rioting:

I guess we shouldn't be so shocked, remember the worldwide Jewish riots of 2003 when this cartoon below was published in England?

You mean...there were no Jewish Riots? Even when the old anti-Semitic libel about using non-Jewish blood for sacraments was revived, and plastered onto Isreal? Even when showing the head of the Jewish state eating babies? Even after this henious cartoon won the UK's "Political Cartoon of the Year" in 2003 ??

No riots. Just two points:

-there is a severe flaw in Islamic culture if the cartoon image shown on top is regarded as just cause to go on a rampage of violence worldwide. This mindset cannot currently coexist with the West, period.

-Why do British newspapers feel free to print cartoons slandering the Jews without a second thought, but absolutely refuse to even allow images of Islam's Muhammed? Maybe because they know the Jews won't hunt them down at their homes and slit their throats for expressing a right to free speech? Lesson learned by Islamists: Intimidation works; keep applying it.

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Anonymous said...

"Lesson learned by Islamists: Intimidation works; keep applying it."

Well said!