Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Muslims Turn on The Jews, Of Course...

The black heart of the Muslim world, on full display:

What is really insulting, some Muslim clerics and politicians say, is that Europeans do not think twice about denigrating Islam but view ridicule of Judaism as anti-Semitic.
"What about freedom of expression when anti-Semitism is involved? Then it is not freedom of expression. Then it is a crime," said Arab League chief Amr Moussa.
"But when Islam is insulted, certain powers ... raise the issue of freedom of expression. "The double standards are as clear as the sun," said Abdul Latif Arabiyat, a senior member of Jordan's main Islamist party.
"They (Europeans) don't dare lampoon the Holocaust or their own sacred religious symbols but sanction attacks on our sacred values. They only hold implacable enmity toward Islam."

It is always, always, about the Jews to the Islamo-fascists. The new Nazis of the 21st century attempt to make all issues, especially those regarding their own failings, about the Jews. And for some time, Europe has allowed them to succeed...

No sympathy here - see the cartoon in the post below for clarification... above picture courtesy of E-Nough! here:

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