Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Sydney Riots: CNN Lies Through Their Teeth

Riots involving Muslims? Quick, CNN, switch into full Dhimmi mode! Here they commit an out and out lie to protect the identity of the Sydney rioters:

Anti-Arab rioters smash cars, windows in Sydney
SYDNEY, Australia (AP) -- Violence on the streets of Sydney spilled into a second night Monday, as scores of youths drove through beachside suburbs smashing windows of stores, homes and apartments, police said.
Any hopes that a race riot Sunday would be an isolated incident were shattered after dark when car loads of youths rampaged through southeastern Sydney chased by hundreds of police vehicles and a helicopter.
A police spokesman said...he did not have descriptions of those involved in Monday night's rampage, but said that clearly it was linked to Sunday's rioting.

So if you don't have descriptions, how the hell can you ascertain that they were anti-Arab protestors? I guess only the dhimmis at CNN could answer that, if they could cease bowing and scraping for a moment...
{Via Tim Blair: http://timblair.net/ee/index.php/weblog/exactly_wrong/}

And at The Sydney Herald, Andrew West makes a point usually left unspoken:

Australia does not have a race relations problem. We have a clash of cultures and that's a big difference -- and maybe the problem is certain forms of Islam...
...some strains of Islam -- most obviously the strict, puritanical and downright fanatical Wahhabism -- do, indeed, sanction attitudes and behaviour that are not simply patriarchal but repressive. I'm sorry, but to this extent, this particular brand of Islam is most definitely the problem....
When groups of young Muslim men stalk the beaches of Sydney making sexually threatening comments against women in bathing costumes, as they indisputably do; and when they believe they act with the license of a sheik who
claims that such women are responsible for their own sexual violation, then I do blame, in part, their religion.
I do not embrace multiculturalism, as such, because I do not believe all cultures are compatible with non-discriminatory liberalism. I prefer a multi-ethnic, non-racial society, which has at its core a canon of values that include racial and gender equality.

Whoa! Can't he get arrested for speaking so...honestly?

Link here: http://blogs.smh.com.au/thecontrarian/archives/2005/12/is_islam_the_pr.html

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The probligo said...

I agree, provided that you also read West's previous column here.

"In the United States, they have a name for the sort of people who rioted on Sydney's beaches yesterday. They call them "trailer trash".

Just take a look at the names of the louts who went on an orgy of violence -- Marcus "Carcass" Butcher, "Steely" (too gutless to give his real name), and the ubiquitous "Bra Boys".

According to a particularly sobering report in this paper by Damien Murphy, the charming "Carcass" wore workboots, war-camouflage shorts and black singlet emblazoned with the words "Mahommid was a camel fucking faggot", which went nicely with his war cry of "Fuck off, Leb".
Our prime minister, shifty as ever, remembering how in 2001 and 2004 he appropriated the 900,000 votes won by Pauline Hanson's One Nation in 1998, refused to condemn the attacks as "racist". I'm all for an honest discussion about the shortcomings of a multicultural -- as opposed to the benefits of a multi-ethnic and non-racial -- society, but how else would you describe "Fuck off, Leb"?

Sorry, John Howard, but yesterday's riot had the makings, if not the realisation, of a lynch mob.
No one was killed, to be sure, but I'm struggling to find another description for an event in which one young Caucasian girl sniggered to her male friend: "That was sick. I've never seen a dumb Leb run so fast. How good was that?"