Sunday, December 18, 2005

Racist Katrina Lies?

Via No Parasan!, we find a link to an interesting chart provided by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Check out the death rates by race (the only stat counter that matters, of course):

African-American - 259 (50% of total)
Asian-Pacific 2 (1%)
Caucasian - 236 (46%)
Hispanic 13 (2%)
Native American 2 (1%).

Now here are the population demographics of New Orleans:

White - 135,956 (28.05%)
Black or African American - 325,947 (67.25%)

In a city that is only one-quarter "white", how is it that nearly half of the fatalities where white as well?
RACISM, OF COURSE! George Bush has always hated whitey, and fiddled while they died at a rate nearly doubled that of their representation in the population! We all know that blacks have been big supporters of W.; he must have helped out his constituentsants first while allowing the poor white folks (of which there are many in Louisiana) suffer and die needlessly.

What, you have a better explanation?

Link to No Parasan! here: ; follow the other links on the post for a great roundup of hate-filled European reaction...

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