Saturday, December 03, 2005

Setting the UN Straight, Bolton-Style!

The UN is still a do-nothing cesspool of corruption and anti-Semitism, and John Bolton puts the bricks to these losers - From Bloomberg News:

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said the United Nations General Assembly demonstrated its irrelevance today by adopting six resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including non-binding calls for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank and Golan Heights.
The General Assembly, consisting of all 191 member governments, passed resolutions very similar to measures introduced annually by Arab nations for at least 30 years. The U.S. was joined by no more than seven other nations in rejecting the resolutions, which won up to 160 votes.
``These resolutions are purely symbolic,'' Bolton told reporters at the UN. ``It is one reason why many people say the UN is not really useful in solving actual problems. We have been making enormous progress toward solutions in the Arab-Israeli conflict, and that progress has benefited from UN participation, but it does not benefit from needless repetition of meaningless resolutions in the General Assembly.''

...The resolutions refer to Israel's ``illegal settlement activities,'' demand that Israel cease construction of its barrier of walls and fences around the West Bank, and say Israel has violated Security Council resolutions on the questions.

Someone should point out to our peace loving Democrats, by the way, that for eight years Bill Clinton had his tounge firmly implanted up the ass of Yassir Arafat, a policy that led to nothing but more piles of dead Israeli civilians. George Bush told Arafat to drop dead (and he did -huzzah!) and allowed Israel to handle their own defense without calls for "restraint". Result: Isreali civilian deaths down drastically, the first Palestinian state has been created in Gaza, and the Palestinians get to be one of two peoples in the region to actually vote on their leadership. UN involvement in said process: Zero, except for hate-mongering resolution-passing as seen above...
Thanks to Bush-Condi-Bolton, peace is slowly breaking out, but the liberals and the media cannot admit it, for it just may be a positive for George W. Bush. Can't have that, no sir-eee...

Meanwhile the game of idocy in the UN plays on, oblivious to the world changing around it. Apparently, even our Northern appeasers are starting to get a clue...from Haaretz:

Canada has decided to adopt a more pro-Israel stance in the United Nations regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict and to move closer to the positions of Israel and the United States....
...Until now Canada has traditionally followed European voting patterns in the UN on several annual resolutions pertaining to the Middle East. The Canadian representative stated at the GA on Wednesday that his country would object to resolutions to maintain "the department for Palestinian affairs" in the UN Secretariat and from now on would only support bodies that promote the peace process. Canada also objects to the decision on the Golan, as it places the onus for resuming negotiations solely on Israel, and will not support the resolution on a peaceful solution to the Palestinian problem due to the Arab states' refusal to include an explicit condemnation of suicide bombings...
...the president for the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations blasted the move and suggested it could provoke a backlash.

Good for Canada, finally taking a step in the right direction (although how much of this involves vote-counting and the upcoming federal elections there?). Note the implied threat by the Canada-Arab Relations Council - why is the Arab-Muslim way to resort to violence at the first indication of dissent? Oh, right, that fascism thing...

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