Sunday, December 25, 2005

Britain: PC Police State?

I love hearing liberals complain how America is turning into a latter-day Nazi Germany, because perhaps the NSA is sweeping for toxic materials at suspicious locations. Folks, do you know what happens when the liberals actually do take charge? Why, they create police states where freedom of speech is harshly limited! But hey, you should thank them, because it is a benign, politically correct police state! That makes all the difference! Maybe we can model a liberal America after the PC police state formally known as "Great" Britain...Melanie Phillips reports:

When the new Civil Partnership Act came into force last week, family values campaigner Lynette Burrows took part in a discussion on BBC Radio Five Live about its implications.
During the programme, Ms Burrows said she did not believe that homosexuals should be allowed to adopt.

In America, we call that "being entitled to your opinion". In liberal England, it's called a crime:

To her astonishment, the following day she was contacted by the police who said a ‘homophobic incident’ had been reported against her. She had committed no crime but, said the police, it was policy to investigate homophobic, racist and domestic incidents because these were ‘priority crimes’. Such action was ‘all about reassuring the community’. Far from being thus reassured, it is difficult adequately to express one’s shock and abhorrence — not at Ms Burrows, but at the actions and attitudes of the police. What kind of a society has this become where, if someone expresses an opinion which falls foul of the politically approved doctrines of the day, the police start feeling their collar?

This is the kind of society the American Democratic Party wants to set up, emulating their European idols. This is our future:

To disapprove of gay lifestyles is to invite certain ostracism as a ‘homophobe’. But if this isn’t bad enough, we now find that voicing such opinions has become — incredibly —a matter for the police, who are putting state power behind such intimidation.

I'm sure if Nancy Pelosi was reading this, she'd be shivering with glee. This is her dream world, after all...and here is its hypocricy exposed:

What is even more astounding is that attempts by the Government to criminalise utterances which ‘glorify terrorism’ — and thus threaten our security — are being shouted down on the grounds that free speech has to be protected.

So to the Left, criminalizing someone for saying they dissaprove of gay marriage is OK, but criminalizing someone whom glorifies and extols terrorism is dead wrong. Can one see why I accuse the Left of trying to undermine society as a whole? They are fully aware of the contradictions inherent in this argument; they are simply trying to slide it by us to further their anti-Western agenda. Poor Brits; but as I have said before, you get the government you deserve...

I'll let Ms. Phillips conclude with a note on the (declining?) value of free speech:

Freedom of speech is supposed to be the bedrock value of a liberal society. It should only be constrained in extreme circumstances where a crime may be — and remember, this is in the absence of any crime—it seems the police response is to make a menacing approach to the person who has voiced {an unpopular} opinion, to warn them off from voicing it again.

Mr. Blair, what kind of road are you leading your once-great Britain down?

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