Thursday, December 15, 2005

Fastest Flip-Flop Ever!

New Jersey gets the government it deserves when it elects Democrats:

Corzine ends his vow to leave gas tax alone

After vowing during his campaign that he would not raise the gas tax, Gov.-elect Jon Corzine said yesterday he will reconsider the idea now that gasoline prices have eased and the state's budget gap has ballooned to more than $5 billion.
Corzine's comments to reporters came after a key state senator said he will introduce legislation to raise the tax on gasoline and replenish the Transportation Trust Fund. The fund, which pays for highway and mass transit projects, is about to run out of cash.
The governor-elect said he would look for alternatives, including pouring more of the current gas tax into the trust fund rather than the general state budget. But he said increasing the tax might have to be considered.

...Lawmakers, meanwhile, continue to add new spending to the current year's budget, which itself is beset by revenue shortfalls and spending overruns.

Paragraphs three/four illustrate the real problem; the gas tax is a pork trough and very few dollars are getting through to the Department of Transportation. But why reallocate spending when you can simply force the residents of New Jersey to give you more to waste?

And now things will get real interesting; with confirmed liar Corzine at the helm in Jersey

...during a radio debate on NJ 101.5 in October, Corzine said flatly: "There will be no gas tax hike in a Corzine administration, particularly after we've seen a $1.50 rise in the price of gasoline. I'm proposing we have a tax holiday."

"Tax holiday" defined as a tax hike? Only to a Democrat...

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