Saturday, December 31, 2005

Second Holocaust? Europe Shrugs...

Who would you believe, an EU diplomat or Israel's chief of military intelligence ? Yea, me too; actually, I am sure even the hardest-core jihadi would take the word of an Isreali over a European; for even those lowlives know whom is strong and who is fallow...
So I believe this report, fully:

'IRAN will not stop with one nuclear bomb," the chief of Israel's Mossad spy agency, Meir Dagan, warned legislators this week.
The secretive retired major general, who restored the Mossad to its heyday of operational ability, hates to appear before the Knesset's defense and foreign affairs committee because his testimony is often leaked by headline-seeking politicians.
But Dagan had to appear before it Tuesday to present his annual intelligence report — and much of it concerned Tehran's drive to join the nuclear club.
"Without external intervention, Iran will arrive within several months to the point of nuclear technology independence," he said.

Nothing too surprising so Dagan takes a diplomatic tact:

The bottom line, said Yuval Steinitz, chairman of the Knesset committee, is "Iran is capable of getting a bomb in a year or two.
"And if it does, there will be a new Middle East — black, dangerous and threatening the world over."
So what can be done?
Dagan stressed the importance of intensifying international diplomatic pressure on Iran because past efforts managed to delay its nuclear efforts by two years.

So the best idea is to continue these diplomatic efforts, correct? Er, maybe not:

...the hard-liners in Tehran detect an erosion in the international diplomatic pressure on them.
Aharon Zeevi, Israel's chief of military intelligence — whose efforts to monitor Iran's nuke program rivals Dagan's — said the lack of pressure is partly due to the Europeans.
"I had meetings with senior officials in Europe," he said. "And their position is, number one — why should we fear Iran's nuclear weapons? After all we lived under the nuclear threat after World War II?"
"Number two," he added, is the Europeans respond, "And besides, either you or the Americans will solve the problem."

Un-freakin'-believable. I spit on these so-called "allies"; these posturing moral snobs...but ultimately, they are right - it will fall to America or Israel to do this dirty work, while Europe wags a finger of disapproval, whips up venomous anti-Americanism, and investigates us for war crimes.

Fine. If that is what you are going to do, admit your cowardice, and just bite our ankles like the dirty poodles that you are...just don't play the morality card with us, because it ain't washing any more.

The EU as a modern-day version of Grima Wormtounge...yuk.

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