Sunday, December 04, 2005

Boycott The Marriott !

Did you know that it is OK for terrorists to hold a meeting at your local Marriott Hotel, but anti-terrorist groups wishing to conduct symposiums are barred? Sad but true - from The People's Truth Forum, whom asked to use the Marriott's facilities:

The Georgetown Marriott Conference Center rejected a "terrorism" symposium on the grounds that the sponsoring organization was too controversial and the venue inappropriate for this type of forum. Concurrently, another Marriott Hotel in the Washington area is hosting the Council on American- Islamic Relations' annual conference – and participating as a panelist at the gala will be an alleged coconspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.
According to the Georgetown Marriott executives, the decision to reject the event, being hosted by the People's Truth Forum, a fact-based, non-partisan organization, was based upon business considerations: "The event would call for heightened security since protesters might be attracted from both the student body and off campus. These same protesters might block the front entrance leading to confrontations with hotel guests and/or room cancellations."
But starting today, CAIR will host its 11th Annual Banquet at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Va. CAIR is a self-proclaimed Muslim advocacy group that has its roots in the Palestinian Hamas. CAIR's parent organization, the Islamic Association for Palestine, was founded by Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. CAIR, itself, has had numerous individuals convicted in and/or deported by the United States for terrorist activity...

It's that "threat-of-violence" thing that keeps those dhimmis down, and the Muslims know it...and speaking of, Dhimmi Watch digs further, and get to this:

Peter Cantone, General Manager for Marriott Georgetown, November 14, 2005: “Your event is too controversial to be held on the property...Our decision was made due to the objectionable content on your group’s website. Marriott corporate headquarters did not play a role in our decision.”

Keith Thomas, Marriott Special Services Department, Corporate Headquarters, November 16, 2005: “Due to the high density of Muslim students on the Georgetown campus, members of the staff at Marriott Georgetown were afraid of the potential for violent protests, injured hotel employees and property damage. This is the official stance of the Marriott Corporation.”

Just another lame excuse to cover up for their cowardice in the face of the enemy - click the link for The People's Truth; it is simply a news clearinghouse for the war on terror. May be objectionable to a jihadi, or the New York Times editorial staff, but to no one else. Mr. Thomas backs up Mr. Cantone's dhimmitude by admitting his fear of violence was great enough for him to censure free speech and honest debate. Could you imagine a hotel in the '40's allowing the American Nazi Party to speak, but banning a pro-war group? This is cowardice, plain and simple, by the Marriott chain - a simpering fear that gives aid and comfort to our enemies.

I'll do what I can here; I travel a number of times a year (and arrange to have business associates stay in hotels all around the Tri-State area); there will never be another booking at a Marriott or Marriott subsidary until things change. Promise.

And check out Atlas (, she's calling for a full-on boycott as well:

If the Marriott Corporation wants to operate in America, make money in America, be free to pursue their profits in America, enjoy the freedom of America - then don't stand in the way of the very people putting their asses on the line to make that happen.

Developing, as they say...

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