Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Why does this fat feminist remind me of Elizabeth Warren?

Picture stolen shamelessly from RS McCain:

Really? I mean, really? Here’s a hint, sugar: If your political philosophy can be boiled down to “make me a sandwich,” you’re probably not going to be able to parlay that into a governing majority. Also, you obviously don’t need any more sandwiches

And my (tenuous, granted) connection between this...thing, and Cherokee squaw Running Mouth:

Elizabeth Warren:  Upscale white woman who - needing to be oppressed to help her career and claim the mantle of "speaker for the downtrodden" -  created a hard-to-identify, hard-to-disqualify minority heritage for herself, only to discard it when it no longer served her needs.

Fat repulsive chick above:  Wants to be an angry feminist, but most likely has been treated fairly politely by most men out of pity for her grotesque body and distorted appearance.   Hence her creation of the imaginary sandwich-demanding boyfriend, qualifying her as "oppressed", and giving her permit to vent an incoherent rage.

Of course, if she actually was willing to put in the work to slim down, take care of herself, and get a good man, she probably would drop the sign stat and...go make a sandwich.

However, Mr. McCain explains why even that possible outcome is improbable, at best:

There isn’t enough Viagra and Cialis on the planet to enable any man to do the deed necessary to impregnate such hideous creatures...

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