Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Most Important Thing To Take Out Of Deb Fischer's Nebraska Win....

Jen Rubin has a list of ten interesting aspects of Deb Fischer's upset win in the Nebraska Republican primary for Senate yesterday.  Since we are pressed for time at this busy blog, I'm only going to point out one.  The one that Jen put last, which I believe should have been first:

Money is overrated. Fischer was outspent $440,000 to Bruning’s $3.6 million.

That's a 9-1 ratio, more or less. Now I'm not sure if that counts PAC money, which may have added $200K to the kitty.  Nevertheless, I will quote from 300:

When muscle failed, they turn to their magic. When hundred nations descend upon us, the armies of all Asia, funelled to this narrow corridor, their numbers count for nothing.

Obama is selling what soul he has to any interest group that can fund his campaign.  His hundreds of millions of dollars, funneled through the narrow corridors of media, will count for nothing against a rotting economy, a de-fanged military, a morally corrupted society, and a population who does not believe a word this president says.

Not saying we shouldn't be contributing what we can to those whom will need our help.  But let the media beat off to Obama's fundraising prowess.  With the American people ready to man the Hot Gates of freedom, Obama has no hope of making it through to a second term...

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