Friday, May 04, 2012

Is Tucker Carlson A "Bow Tie Wearin' White Boy"? You Betcha !

So sayeth Jehmu Greene, a politcal commentator and co-founder of "Define American".


Define American seeks to elevate the conversation on immigration reform.

How's that working out, you ask? Well, here's what liberals consider "elevating the conversation": Throwing racist slurs around when the facts no longer support their case. But you knew that; it's just what they do. Watch Barack Obama on any given weekday. Or watch his spiritual protege, Jehmu Greene, try to defend Elizabeth Warren:

CARLSON: It was unfair when it happened under segregation, it’s unfair now. Indeed, it’s indefensible and that’s why she doesn’t want to talk about this, because she did gain material advantage by lying about her ethnic background. And no one should gain advantage because of his ethnic background, period.

GREENE: Tucker! Tucker! Elizabeth Warren has been very clear that she has not gained advantage…

CARLSON: No she has not been clear.

GREENE: And at the end of the day, she won the teaching award at Harvard two years in a row, she won teaching awards at the University of Pennsylvania, at the University of Michigan, at the University of Houston. To question this woman on her qualifications is going to be something that does appeal to…folks like you, voters like you, bow tie’n white boys, but at the end of the day it is going to backfire…

Somewhere, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Van Jones are hootin', and giving up some high-fives...

Shame on FOX News for hiring this woman.  See where attempts at "balance" with these people gets you?

Greene hasn't apologized, by the way, and I will be surprised if she does. Traitor to her race, and all that...

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