Thursday, May 24, 2012

Barack Obama, Mocking The "Real World" Experience Of Others? Are You F*ck*ng Kidding Me?

This, coming from a guy who spent one year in the private sector (and hated every minute of it).  Who then went on to be a "community organizer", where he was the recipient of tens of thousands of dollars in grants he did not have to work for. Who then went on to be a Sate Senator, where he handed out tens of millions of dollars in grants (all other people's money, of course).  Who then went on to become a Untied States Senator, where he handed out tens of billions of dollars in grants.  Who finally fell up to the position of President, where the amount of other people's money he doles out reaches into the trillions.

Who somehow feels qualified - based on a lifetime of not earning a single dime he has received or passed along -  to discuss and define what "real world" experience is:

Well, those of us who’ve spent time in the real world — (laughter) — know that the problem isn’t that the American people aren’t productive enough — you’ve been working harder than ever. The challenge we face right now, and the challenge we’ve faced for over a decade, is that harder work has not led to higher incomes, and bigger profits at the top haven’t led to better jobs.

All this explains why Obama's economic policies as president amount to no more than taking other people's money (now, "the rich") and offer them out to favored groups, as...grants.  He's never earned a dime, nor created one -  he's only taken and redistributed that which was created by others.

Obama's "real world" is a lot different from mine, I can say that.

So is Michelle's, apparently:

It would probably be rude of me to think about Michelle Obama’s work, where her salary jumped from $121,910 to $316,962 per year after her husband became a U.S. senator, a job that was strangely left unfilled after she stepped down to focus on her husband’s campaign.

Such positions are quite challenging to find in the… real world.

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