Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Betrayal: Did Obama and Hillary Hand Over Chen Guangcheng To The Chinese Authorities?

Blind Chinese democracy activist Chen Guangcheng was holed up in the US embassy after escaping house arrest (and badly injuring his foot in the process).

He left the embassy this morning, based on promises he received from American officials:

In a new deal between the United States and China, Chen has left to a local hospital and is reportedly under American protection, as U.S officials have guaranteed his safety. U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke escorted Chen, according to an AP report, to the Chaoyang Hospital and, on the way there, Chen called his lawyer, Li Jinsong, who said Chen told him: “‘I’m free. I’ve received clear assurances.’”

But all is not well:

Chen Guangcheng tells Channel 4 News he left the US embassy for hospital as part of an “agreement” with the Chinese government, and that despite promises, no-one from the US embassy is there. ....“Nobody from the (US) Embassy is here. I don’t understand why. They promised to be here,” he added. . .

It gets worse:

As LifeNews has reported, media reports from AP and elsewhere indicate China and the United States agreed to a deal that allows Chen to receive a medical checkup and be reunited with his family at the hospital. He would then be relocated to a safe place in China where he could study at a university.

However, those initial reports turned out to the misleading, as new information surfaced showing Chen was reportedly pressured to leave the U.S. Embassy and accept the deal the United States struck with China to release Chen from its temporary protection. Now, Chen reportedly wants to leave China with his family, as he is worried about their safety.

 Bob Fu, the president of ChinaAid, a U.S.-based human rights group that has worked closely with Chen and his Chinese supporters, says it has viewed relevant information released by the Chinese government regarding Chen’s release and says it was coerced. He and others have pointed out that Chinese officials have threatened Chen’s family and made suggestion it would kill his wife if Chen did not leave the U.S. Embassy.

 Now, Fu tells LifeNews that Zeng Jinyan, wife of Chen’s best friend Hu Jia, posted a tweet which indicates that the media failed to report the correct information about Chen. He says sources inside China said the U.S. and Chinese governments have reached some kind of “shameful” agreement regarding Chen...

Confirmation from the AP:

BEIJING — Blind legal activist Chen Guangcheng says a U.S. official told him that Chinese authorities threatened to beat his wife to death had be not left the American Embassy.

Speaking by phone from his hospital room in Beijing on Wednesday night, a shaken Chen told The Associated Press that U.S. officials relayed the threat from the Chinese side...

Looks like Obama and Hillary lied to Chen, told him everything he wanted to hear, in order to trick him into surrendering to the brutal, thuggish and corrupt Chinese leadership.

Poor Chen, he didn't know any better.  Perhaps he didn't realize the way Obama and Hillary betrayed Israel by leaking knowledge of their secret air bases in neighboring Azerbaijan, ones that the Jewish state hoped would serve them if an attack against Iran was deemed necessary.

And it is unlikely he would be aware of the way Barack Obama betrayed Archbishop Timothy Dolan, when he promised the future Cardinal there would be no coercive mandates issued by HHS, only to sock him with the forced provision of birth control a few months later.

And certainly, when Barack Obama was caught begging the Russian leadership for more time so that he could capitulate to them on missile defense, he couldn't have been actually betraying the nation that entrusted their lives to him...could he?

Poor Chen.  Maybe he just didn't realize that every single promise made by Barack Obama has an expiration date.  Or maybe he just didn't realize his promise was only good for fifteen minutes.

Should Chen be harmed, well  -the media will try desperately to bury it, or defend the president, or even praise his "realpolitik", in essentially handing over a dissident to the Chinese government.

But in fact, it will be a great shame upon this nation, brought down upon us by the treachery of Barack Hussein Obama.

One can only hope that Mitt Romney will not let this issue die a quiet, unseen death - which our president, apparently, is quite content to condemn Chen Guangcheng to..

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