Thursday, May 24, 2012

Barack Obama: Dumber Than Dubya?

The UK's Daily Mail leads their story with three bullet points with a quod erat demonstrandum feel:

*Average SAT score of Obama's 1981 transfer group to Columbia was 1,100

*Bush got into Yale with score of 1,206 out of 1,600

*Obama refuses to release his academic record

Not that this is further proof, but...note that Obama eventually released his birth certificate after the "citizenship" controversy reached a level where it was no longer counter-productive to the Right, but instead was seeping into the mainstream consciousness. 

With Barack Obama now looking less like a philosopher-king, and a lot more like Evita Peron, one wonders why he hasn't finally "proven" his intellectual bona fides by allowing the release of his college transcripts.

Unless, of course...they were a bit subpar, and perhaps the final proof that Obama was, and still is, the ultimate affirmative action baby.

Sad times too - as I mentioned yesterday - that in order to get any investigative journalism on Democratic politicians, Americans need to look overseas...

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Anonymous said...

Why hasn't Romney allowed the release of his college transcripts. Is it that they are a bit sub-bar?

Oh, and Romney hasn't even published his birth certificate. Was he really born in Michigan, or is that just a story concocted by the Romney family?