Sunday, May 13, 2012

Metaphorically Apt: Obama To Decree The Slaughter Of the Bald Eagle

Only in an administration headed by a Democrat:

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, a division of the Interior Department, is considering loosening regulations on the killing of bald eagles, the national bird of the United States, to accommodate the development of wind energy sources.

A draft regulation first filed in April would allow businesses to apply for 30-year permits allowing them to kill bald eagles in the course of other legal activities. The length of those permits would be a six-fold increase over the five-year window allowed under current law

Obama is about to declare open game on the fearless, proud, independent hunter that was thought to burn in the heart of every American.

Well, he's done that already, of course.  But like all radicals, he understands that power of symbolism.  And he understands the message it sends when he slaughters these symbols, after once protecting them.  And by making the bald eagle, and all it represents, expendable so that windmills - the pet project, ironically, of the so-called "environmentalists" - may survive, well....

That's a message sent loud and clear as well.  It is a message he does not expect us to openly acknowledge, but to implicitly understand and absorb, with our heads held that much lower.  So much easier to dictate to the beaten, after all.

Let's surprise him...

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