Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Obama Goes Negative On...Joplin High School Grads?

When negative is your default position, it is very hard to up-shift, even when your job is to uplift, especially when you are speaking at a high-school graduation in the tornado-ravaged city of Joplin, Missouri.

But our Barack Obama cannot miss any opportunity to rage against the machine.  Like a Third World dictator (perhaps his true calling), there is no public gathering of three or more than is not seen as an opportunity to propagandize on behalf of the regime, and to exhort the naive to join the revolution:

President Barack Obama’s high school commencement speech in the tornado-stricken town of Joplin, Mo., pushed a sharply ideological message and included partisan jabs and a call for military-style community action during crises.

“You are from America. No matter how tough times get, you will be tougher,” he told the students and parents May 22. “The road has been hard. The day has been long. But we have tomorrow, so we march. We march together,” he said on the first anniversary of the deadly tornado strike.

“As you begin the next stage in your journey, you will encounter greed and selfishness; ignorance and cruelty. … You will meet people who try to build themselves up by tearing others down; who believe looking after others is only for suckers,” he said.

Does this guy hate his countrymen, or what?  Seems as if the vibe is getting through to the kids, who seemed to give him a less-than-enthusiastic welcome:

The jab [mocking Congress] was one of the few that got any response from the audience, which was muted in comparison to Obama’s usual audience of college students in Democratic districts. Before the speech, Obama shook hands with a group of students who swarmed to him in the gym where they waited for the ceremony to begin.

But a press pool report noted that “about half the seniors, all wearing burgundy caps and gowns, remained back.

Is there any better indicator that Barack Hussein Obama has "lost his cool"?

Or maybe the kids were just afraid for the safety of their as-yet-untaxed graduation gifts, tucked neatly in an inside pocket, underneath their graduation gowns...?

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