Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Does Elizabeth Warren - 1/32 Cherokee - Continue To Enslave Native Americans?

Well, I'll get to that in a moment.

Wanted to share this piece from Jonah Goldberg's free subscription-only email, the G-Files.  Usually inane ramblings -  more of a conservative stream-of-consciousness than anything else - he hits the nail on the headdress here when it comes to American victims of socialized medicine:

Life expectancy for the Oglala Sioux is according to some estimates as little as 48 years and the infant-mortality rate is 300 percent the U.S. average. That's horrific (and one reason we should have some humility before we condemn tribal leaders for advocating prohibition). But it's also worth noting that Oglala Sioux have long benefited from the one thing liberals insisted above all else would raise the national life expectancy rate in the U.S.: socialized medicine, in the form of the Federal Indian Health Service. And yet things are not all going well in South Dakota. How could that be?

Well, Native Americans have other contributing issues as well - poverty, alcoholism, and the hopelessness of  bleak life prospects are pretty rampant through their society, for openers.  But it is interesting that socialized medicine has done nothing to help rescue them from having one of the lowest life expectancies of any cultural subgroup within the United States.

Neither, incidentally, has forced segregation.  We give them land, limited self-government, and food stamps as long as they self-identify as an oppressed indigenous group.  And there they stay, going nowhere, accomplishing little, and not living up to their potentials.

 Maybe the best thing to do is to encourage them to get off their reservations and intermingle & intermix with the rest of American society, where they can maintain their heritage and still partake in the everyday comings and goings of American life, culture, and morality. I can't imagine anything can be worse than being a frozen-in-time monument to the White man's guilt, yet cursed to live a short, painful life in order to somehow assuage it.  An eternity spent paying penance for the sins of another...

So here's where Elizabeth Warren comes in.  She pushes for ObamaCare, an offshoot of the very program that is condemning fellow tribes to an early grave.  She is in favor of minority set-asides - shoot, she even uses them herself - yet by "setting aside" the Indians on reservations, she is condemning them to a short and painful life.

So why does Elizabeth Warren support polices that harm the remaining descendants of the original Native Americans?  Is she some sort of"self-hating Indian", perhaps?

Or is she just an immoral fraud, using the language of liberalism and political correctness to advance her own career and increase her own power, while knowingly destroying the very people she claims as forefathers?

You claim Cherokee legitimacy, Ms. Warren?  Fine.  Then let your people go to enjoy the fruits of the American system.  Get them off of their hopeless reservations, away from government doctors, and out of a never-ending cycle of self-pitying victim status.

Let your people go, Ms. Warren.  Or be forced to admit what the liberal agenda is really about...

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