Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Obama/Osama: John McCain Sets The Commander-In-Chief Straight

Well, it's taken four years, but John McCain has finally taken the gloves off to punch back at Barack Hussein Obama - a man whose campaign mercilessly mocked the war hero for being unable to type out emails. The fact that this was due to McCain's fingers being mangled during torture by his Vietnamese captors seems not to have entered into the moral calculus of the Obami...which should have been quite the clue about the people we were handing the keys to.

But as time passes, more and more we realize that "a clue" seems to be the one thing Obama and his people are sorely lacking.  But McCain has had enough of their tomfoolery, and finally takes on Barack's claim that only he was man enough to order the assassination of Osama bin Laden.

“I say any president, Jimmy Carter, anybody, any president would have, obviously, under those circumstances, done the same thing. And to now take credit for something that any president would do is indicative of take over campaign we're under -- we're -- we're seeing…So all I can say is that this is going to be a very rough campaign," McCain told Fox News in an interview set to air Monday night. "And I've had the great honor of serving in the company of heroes. And, you know the thing about heroes, they don't brag.

Overdue.  And...ouch. McCain slides Obama next to Jimmy Carter, and then points out how far short our narcissist-in-chiefs falls of the heroic mantle he bestowed upon himself.

And if anyone should know about guts, it's John McCain...

...and not this jive turkey:

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