Thursday, May 10, 2012

Millennials: Not Quite As "Green" As Originally Believed...

“I was shocked,’’ said Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University and one of the study’s authors. “We have the perception that we’re getting through to people. But at least compared to previous eras, we’re not.

Maybe it's the fact that your pathetic propaganda ploys are nowhere nearly as effective as you wish them to be?

Members of the century-spanning Millennial generation, who were born after 1982 and came (or will come) of age in the 21st century, grew up listening to Kermit the Frog sing his colorful lament on Sesame Street and apparently took it to heart. Despite their reputation as environmentally conscious conservationists, a new research study has found that today’s young Americans are less interested in the environment, and do less to help preserve it, than previous generations of young people.

Actually, this report - detailing how the "Millenial" generation pretty much doesn't give a shit about you, the planet, or the pathetic problems they've been told to concern themselves with -  is actually really, really bad news for the Democrats, and liberalism in general:

What the researchers discovered was that, over the last four decades, young people’s trust in other people, their interest in government, and the time they claim to spend thinking about social problems declined from generation to generation. The most dramatic change, however, was the sharp drop in their concern for the environment and their willingness to take personal action to protect it...

Seems like MSM propaganda isn't working after all.  And it doesn't appear as if young voters are going to come out on election day to help protect green energy, or to insure they pay for someone else's healthcare, or to give the high school "Class of 2013" a better deal on student loans...

It's ennui, writ large.  Wonder how much Obama's cynical and miserable tenure is to blame for the revulsion these young folks now feel with the government and its priorities...

In “Homer the Vigilante,” after an outbreak of burglaries Homer organizes a group of vigilantes, including Jimbo Jones, a teenage delinquent still in elementary school. When Homer is unable to apprehend the burglar, Jimbo angrily confront Homer:

Jimbo Jones: You let me down, man. Now I don't believe in nothing no more. I'm going to law school.

Homer:  Nooooooo! 

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Anonymous said...

This is from a story in the Daily Caller that is related, I think:

Bill Nye the Science Guy told the Daily Caller on Tuesday that climate change is a bigger problem than the economy or high unemployment.

He also said that “this notion that government is inherently bad is new,” and after the November election, President Barack Obama will “have a freer hand.”

Bill Nye, who was in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday speaking on behalf of the Planetary Society, said that he is “very concerned about climate change,” adding that, “you can talk about the economy and short-term jobs and so on — but there are much bigger problems.”

On the president, who Nye supported in his first run, the former television host said, “He has a lot of constraints until he gets re-elected. He can’t do what, certainly, my parents would have thought were routine things — social programs. This notion that government is inherently bad is new.”

So tell a kid with six-figures worth of student loans that solving "global warming" is more important that their future employment prospects. No wonder they think it is horseshit. No wonder that they don't trust the government.

Maybe they "got through" to kids better than they thought?

DC link: