Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wavering Dems To Vote "No" And GTFO of DC?

Looks like the few remaining fence-sitters are looking for an exit strategy...literally:

A Democrat who has long committed to opposing healthcare reform legislation has advised his fellow defectors that they should vote no early on Sunday and then immediately leave the House chamber.

Otherwise, Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.) told The Hill, they will be treated "like a piƱata."

It is unclear if Democratic leaders will attempt to keep defectors from going home after they cast their vote...

Imagine - elected Democrats, in fear of their own leadership, needing to flee like heretics from their own kind.

Parker Griffith, Democrat-turned-Republican,
tells a similar story:

"These are good people and they're being pressured unmercifully right now," he continued. "I saw it on the floor 20 minutes ago before I walked into this studio. I could see it on their faces. These are people I've known over a year and it's unfortunate, it's unfair. And what's unfair about it is Obama doesn't hardly know their name. Nancy Pelosi doesn't hardly know their name. They're good for a vote and once they cast that vote it's will you love me tomorrow and the answer is no."

But Jennifer Rubin feels no sympathy:

If they can’t stand up to their own leaders or avoid the lure of plum jobs should they lose in November, this is no cause for sympathy. It’s reason for contempt. It’s one thing to vote for a monstrous bill because you actually believe it virtuous. It’s another, however, to vote for it anyway, knowing the harm it may do but supporting it regardless because you couldn’t tell Nancy Pelosi to take a hike.

I agree with Jen. Democrats who switch from "no" to "yes" at the last minute in order to guarantee the passage of this monstrous bill, in exchange for a few pieces of silver, are no more than modern-day Judases; betraying the people who trusted them, and the principles they live by, in order for some short-term gain for themselves. Are there truly no men of moral courage left in the Democratic Party?

Vote no, and flee for your lives, if you must. If you need a place to hole up, I've got a guestroom and a finished basement where you can hide out until the heat dies down...

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Miranda said...

I'm so very depressed, especially over Stupak. I only wish I were in Congress so I could tell Pelosi and Hussein what to do with their demands and where to shove their arm-twisting. They think they are rulers now.