Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABC Hires Christiane Amanpour To Promote Obama's Jihad

How coincidental is it - just as the Obama administration is launching a full-on attack against Israel that could bring a smile to Yassar Arafat's rotting AIDS-ridden corpse - that a major television network should hire a known anti-Israeli agitator to anchor their high-profile Sunday morning news show?

CNN's Christiane Amanpour is telling her CNN colleagues that ABC News has offered her the job of "This Week" host and she is telling people that she might take it. As of this moment she is declaring a 50-50 chance that she's going to accept the offer.

Amanpour said she wants to make "This Week" more about foreign affairs and less focused on domestic American politics...

Why not promote an unbiased, in-house pro like Jake Tapper? Oh, right, because he refuses to kowtow to The One, and may be the last member of the Washington media to maintain any sense of dignity. Can't have that, don't you know...we may need to make the call for a bailout someday!

So what's president Obama up to these days? Good old-fashioned Jew-bashing, you say? Oooh, we've got just the anchor to rock his socks! With a track record the president can be proud of!

CNN's Christiane Amanpour has
set a new standard - and not the kind a news network usually trumpets. "God's Jewish Warriors," her two-hour screed against Israeli settlers and American supporters of Israel, is the most poisonously biased and factually shoddy feature to air on mainstream American television in recent memory.

And in a video classic, when arguing with Marc Theissen on CNN about "torture" & the Bush administration, she starts screaming about...
you guessed it:

AMANPOUR: That prison was full of images of water torture. You can call it whatever you like.

THIESSEN: Which is nothing like what the CIA did. Do you have any...

AMANPOUR: It is what the Israelis use, the waterboarding!

Too bad they weren't discussing Israel. Didn't stop Amanpour from throwing in the gratuitous hate, though.

More recently, as in
March 3rd, 2010:

The other day, after a long day of writing, I idly, instinctively channel surfed — and there was the infamous Christiane Amanpour grilling Israeli Foreign Minister Ehud Barak. Oh, how this half-British, half-Iranian journalist relished this task. All her questions were hostile and were meant to embarrass or castigate both him personally and Israeli policies in general. CNN’s poor excuse for Oriana Fallaci never paused to take a breath; she gave Minister Barak absolutely no quarter....

I did not watch the entire interview. I could not bear to do so. I have seen too many Israelis grilled in just this way — and too many Palestinians flattered and fawned over by the same American journalists.

Just the way Barack Obama wants it. I have no doubt Amanpour will take the position. What better place to conduct her nonstop hit job against the Jewish state?

And in a coup, her first guest will be Barack Obama (a kiss to the network from The One for hiring his gal). First topic of discussion: What do we do about Israel, and those pesky Jews...?

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Anonymous said...

Grilling Israeli leaders and fawning/flattering palestinian militants is not without a simple philosophical, logical basis. It goes like this: The people associated with the angry militants clearly have much less of this world's economic benefits than do the Israeli citizens; therefore, it is obvious that the downtrodden have been taken advantage of by the economically successful; therefore, we are morally obligated to be nice and helpful toward the less fortunate. So we do, and it enables us to feel a genuine smile as we drift into sleep at night. The fact that the leaders of the downtrodden believe in and practice oppression and tyranny while the leaders of the successful promote personal, religious,and economic freedom is not considered germane. This is characteristic of humankind; live with it; continue the struggle; and if you find yourself on the side of freedom, embrace the challenge and live your entire life in the unpopular position, but perhaps more enjoyable state. I'm listening to music by Beethoven, feeling a tear on my cheek, and offering you but two words, "I'm sorry." Lewis Bishop in Oklahoma