Friday, March 12, 2010

ObamaCare: Contempt, With A Dash of Arrogance

Jennifer Rubin nails it:

Perhaps Obama and the Democrats are in denial. But I think it’s more properly seen as contempt. They simply don’t care what voters think, for they know best. That’s the entire premise of ObamaCare. Voters who may be young and healthy can’t be trusted to decide to self-insure or buy cheap, high-deductible plans. Employers can’t be trusted to balance health care, salary, and other employee benefits in deciding how to compensate their employees. Consumers can’t be trusted to shop around from state to state or select the exact sort of plan they need; the government will set “minimum” standards (which include every procedure politicians deem necessary).

So should we be surprised that Democratic politicians are intent on doing this, knowing full well voters don’t want them to?

One might also define this as arrogance; the liberal elite is convinced it can handle every aspect of your life better than you can, and is sure that it is expert enough in every single area of human endeavor to enable total control without risk of failure. That's why, besides taking complete jurisdiction over your God-given body via "health care reform", they are about to seize control of the entire student loan program (also without a vote), ban most Americans from fishing (by executive order), and regulate the air you exhale (again, by fiat).

We're just not smart enough to understand that fishing is bad for the fishies, breathing out is bad for Mother Earth, that only Democrats and bureucrats can determine whether or not you kid needs a college loan (Question #1 skin color?), and because only they can decide what medical treatments you can receive - not based on what you might need, of course, but what they deem to be "fair".

And it's because Barack Obama and the Democrats - in their arrogance and contempt for your limited proletarian intelligence - know best. So lie down, put your fishing rod aside, and stop breathing...

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