Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Christiane Amanpour: A Woman of the People!

...well, of certain people. Anti-Americans. Anti-Semites. And the Liberal elite. Which made her such a perfect pick to anchor ABC's Sunday news program, "This Week". If toadying up to DC and not upsetting the powers that be are your primary goals in selecting a newsperson, why, she's perfect.

And she's starting off her tenure at ABC in classic elitist fashion: Vacationing in the south of France:

Newly hired Christiane Amanpour has irked her ABC News bosses by refusing to start until August -- because she wants to spend the summer in the south of France.

The respected CNN chief international correspondent, who will take over as anchor of ABC's Sunday morning show "This Week," told network honchos that she wouldn't start until after her regular summer vacation...A source told Page Six, "Christiane made it clear she would not start until August because she wants to spend time at her family house in France." Amanpour, daughter of an Iranian airline executive and his British wife, is married to former State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin, a Columbia University professor.

Despite her clear dedication to the job, she told a British newspaper last year, "I spend time in France each summer."

And speaking of Christiane's husband, he is an...

...informal foreign policy advisor to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama [and] served in the State Department during the administration of President Bill Clinton...

Why not just hire Robert Gibbs and get it over with?

And what are they saying over at ABC?

"In general, people are too demoralized to care," says a veteran ABC correspondent...

Jake Tapper is apparently pissed, but is keeping his mouth shut. Because he's a professional journalist. Which also makes him eminently unqualified to have nay type of high-profile role in a media environment where the only contest is to see how far one can stick their tongues up the Obama administration's collective ass...

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Tao Fox said...

I think that last quote sums it up. The main stream media, as it is described on Fox News, has been dying for over a decade now and really we need to move on.

Amanpour is someone I barely remember ever seeing on television. She joins the pile of liberal, elitist, self-aggrandizing journalists from the 80s and 90s. Dan Rather, Ted Koppel, Larry King, and soon Keith Olbermann and Wolf Blitzer.

Their ratings are crap, their shows are crap. I will not be sad to see them go. Goodbye CNN.