Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Situation: Playing Politics With Snookie !

Man oh man, is Jersey hot these days!

Governor Chris Christie is being hailed as a conservative god (And why not? After accepting 375 of 378 proposed spending cuts, New Jerseyans still give him a 52% approval rating; even Dems are giving him positive territory), while Georgia Congressmen are giving shout-outs to Jersey Shore party animals Snookie and The Situation as they bash Obama's transparent health-care takeover and bullshit bi-partisanship:

U.S. Representative Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) released the following statement after President Barack Obama announced his intentions to incorporate only four minor Republican ideas into the 2,000-plus page health care bill:

“I don’t know if we should be insulted or humored at the President’s feeble attempts to incorporate Republican ideas into his latest health care proposal. Snookie, from the Jersey Shore, has more substance than President Obama’s offer.

“Instead of listening to the American people, the President has once again demonstrated his arrogance and ignorance about what the nation expects from its leaders. This is “The Situation,” Mr. President: the American people do not want unconstitutional mandates and job-killing tax increases. They are concerned with the costs of premiums, the quality of their health care and ensuring their children and grandchildren are not left with the bill. If you want to govern with the consent of the governed, you need to scrap this government take-over plan and embrace more of our commonsense solutions that protect the vital patient/doctor relationship and decrease the costs of premiums without adding to the national debt.”

Not sure if Snookz or "The Sitch" really belong in this conversation, but it is a testament to the awesome influence of the Garden State that the rest of the nation looks askance to us for hope, guidance, and inspiration.

Sheeeet. All we need is some oil rigs alongside the Garden State Parkway, and we'll be the East-Coast version of Texas! Just picture it - JWow on the mechanical bull, Pauli D spinning country, and Ronnie, still mad at the world but armed to the teeth....

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drew458 said...

Holy cow.

Now let's see it happen.