Friday, March 19, 2010

Cao and Shuler: Two More "No's" on ObamaCare! UPDATE: Teague To Vote No!

First, the Democrat:

Rep. Heath Shuler (D-11th District) will vote against the President's Health Care Reform plan.

With two days to go until the vote, Rep. Shuler was one of several undecided democrats the White House and Congressional leaders were trying to sway in their favor.

Rep. Shuler just released the following statement:

"I recognize that there are strong views on both sides of the health care debate and it has spurred strong emotions throughout the nation....There is no question that our current health care system is broken and that we need to make significant reforms to improve it in an equitable, fiscally responsible and sustainable manner. In my opinion the bill as written does not meet those criteria.”

And the lone Republican who voted for the bill the first time seems to have reconsidered:

Rep. Joseph Cao (R-La.) is a "firm 'no'" on Democrats' healthcare bill, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) stressed Friday.

Cantor, the GOP's chief vote-counter in the House, said that the first-term Louisiana Republican would oppose healthcare legislation after having voted with Democrats last fall, the only Republican lawmaker to do so.

"Yes, I have spoken to Joseph Cao as recently as an hour and a half ago," Cantor said in response to a question on whether Cao would oppose the bill.

"He is a firm 'no' against this bill," Cantor added.

And yet, whenever I go to my Yahoo home page, this is the featured headline:

End in sight, health care battle tilts Obama's way

....the long, turbulent struggle over landmark health care legislation tilted unmistakably in President Barack Obama's direction.

Really? Wishing something to be so isn't the same as it actually being so, dubious CBO accounting notwithstanding. Or is the AP/Yahoo trying to create a sense of inevitability? Perhaps too, trying to beat us down, trying to convince us our "long, turbulent struggle" is now hopeless, and it is time to give in and join the winning team?

Second-tier propaganda from the media. Like Tokyo Rose without the pop music!

Give up, silly Americans! You have lost the battle against health care reform, and while you were out protesting, your girlfriend was cheating on you with ! Give up, give in, and join us as we march together under the banner of The One...!

UPDATE: Teague To Vote No; Pelosi’s Margin Now Zero

Harry Teague of New Mexico will vote no.

"I had hoped to have a chance to vote on a bill that provided affordable health care options to all American families, but after reviewing the final health care reform proposal, I do not believe that the bill does enough to contain costs and it definitely does not do enough to rein in the out of control insurance companies that are driving up healthcare costs in this country. In fact, I believe we are doing more for the insurance companies than we are for the people who need this coverage, and that is why, despite the positive steps it takes, I must vote against this bill "

Maybe the long, turbulant struggle is almost over after all...

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