Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Jersey: Abortion Advocates Up In Arms!

Why? Because Governor Christie, in trying to close a $10 billion budget gap, is reducing funding for Planned Parenthood and associated organizations. Their spokeswoman flew into a frothing liberal frenzy at the news, and perhaps said a little more than she ought to...let's listen to Michele Jaker, executive director Family Planning Association of New Jersey (and the Vice-Chair of the Woodbridge Democratic Organization, of course):

Each public dollar spent to provide family planning services saves an estimated $4 that would otherwise be spent in Medicaid-related costs alone.

“The best way to prevent unintended pregnancies and promote healthy families is to invest in family planning, and ensure that women and families have access to affordable, quality reproductive health care” said Jaker. “Instead, Governor Christie wants to completely eliminate critical funds that reduce the number of unintended pregnancies. "

I am a bit confused about the point Jaker is trying to make here. Even in purple Jersey, her argument/scare tactic here that she will be able to perform less abortions under the new budget might not carry much weight with the voters.

What's interesting is that state funds, by law, cannot pay for abortions. So if Jaker is being honest here about having less ability to abort babies, it means that Planned Parenthood of New Jersey has been slushing taxpayer funds around a bit in order to fund its abortion operation. Why else would a budget cut affect Planned Parenthood's ability to perform its surgical "family planning" procedures?

Funny too, how Jaker makes the assumption that abortions are part and parcel of having a "healthy family". I am not sure most New Jersey residents would accept Jaker's definition of a "healthy family"; unless they fall into the hardcore leftist camp that Jaker seems to hold senior membership in. Incidentally, I wonder how many abortions preformed under Jaker were done on black/minority families? Seems like Jaker may be a one-woman holocaust working to wipe out the next generation of nonwhite New Jerseyans...

Finally, I find Jaker's first sentence to be the most disturbing. Each $1 not spend on abortion (I'm sorry, "family planning services") costs the government $4- later on? She can't be advocating generational genocide, can she? That having less citizens is more cost-effective and thus more desirable to the state? Is this silent, unspoken part of the liberal agenda now official government policy?

Well, under an occupation, the ruling power does want to strictly limit the size of the native class...makes it easier for them to dictate with an iron fist...

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