Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama Ignites War In The Middle East

So this is smart diplomacy? Even an amateur could tell you that once abandoned by its strongest ally, Israel would come under assault from enemies smelling weakness, and opportunity. And by golly, did Obama provide it to them with his no-holds-barred Sunday hatefest played out by his minions on national TV.

The bloodshed begins:

Palestinians mounted violent protests in Jerusalem on Tuesday and President Barack Obama's Middle East envoy canceled plans to return to the region as a U.S.-Israeli crisis over Jewish settlement plans deepened.
Hundreds of rock-throwing Palestinians clashed with police in several locations in East Jerusalem... Police responded with teargas and rubber bullets.

"There is an explosive situation. There are Netanyahu's policies, which are tantamount to pouring oil on fire," said Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat.

Hamas, an Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip, said in a statement that Palestinians should "regard Tuesday as a day of rage against the occupation's (Israel's) procedures in Jerusalem against al-Aqsa mosque".

Make no doubt about it. The blood of the dead in the upcoming conflict - and I fear this is only the beginning - will be squarely on Barack Obama's hands, for abandoning Israel in the face of her enemies.

And be assured, this is the opening Obama has been waiting for, to finally abandon Israel to the Islamic wolves. He will demand Israeli "restraint" in the face of the upcoming assault, and when they defend their lives, he will condemn them, and lead the march to Turtle Bay, where he will betray them before the United Nations, where finally, after 65 years, the rabid dogs of anti-Semitism will be free to run wild again.

Is Obama the freaking AntiChrist, or what?

The Antichrist will spend many years working silently behind the scenes to consolidate his power...When his time comes he will take advantage of the political situation in a country to rise to power. It will not matter that he is not a native of the country. He will take advantage of loopholes and contrive positions...The Antichrist will foment rebellions within the countries he's aiming to take over...Because of his Middle Eastern heritage he will have already united North Africans, who are sympathetic to his cultural background, with his Asian and Middle Eastern conglomerate.

Hey, I didn't say it...Nostradamus did...

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