Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama Manages To Piss Off Canada, Too.... that is a remarkable feat! Our northern neighbors are some of the friendliest and docile folk in the hemisphere (unless you're bringing up hockey or the relative quality of American beer), and yet Barack Obama has somehow managed to get under their skin as well.

We have been officially warned, by the Canadian ambassador, to get off our global-warming high horse, or get our oil elsewhere:

“The United States should not discriminate against the Canadian oil sands industry. "Ultimately if the United States becomes less open to oil sands, Doer said the fuel can go elsewhere...."

"This is a commodity that can sold somewhere else. It's not as if the United States is the only country interested in purchasing oil,"
~ Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer

As mentioned, the root of the Canadian ire is the Democrats insistence that we adhere to the cult of global warming:

Canada's abundant oil sands resources have been threatened in the U.S. market with proposed climate change policies that would place additional costs on fuels that emit higher levels of carbon dioxide.

Way to go, Baracky. So when you're done raping Israel, screwing Europe, blowing the mullahs of Iran, and giving the Canadians the finger, maybe you can come out to Jersey and sodomize my grandmother?

I mean, really...what the hell is next with this guy?

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Anonymous said...

He's a tyrant in the making. I shudder to think of what could be next.