Friday, March 19, 2010

Obama Strips Israel Naked; Ties Her To A Tree...

...and sits back and waits for the animals to attack:

The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel... Officials said the U.S. military was ordered to divert a shipment of smart bunker-buster bombs from Israel to a military base in Diego Garcia.

Since taking office, Obama has refused to approve any major Israeli requests for U.S. weapons platforms or advanced systems. Officials said this included proposed Israeli procurement of AH-64D Apache attack helicopters , refueling systems, advanced munitions and data on a stealth variant of the F-15E.

"All signs indicate that this will continue in 2010," a congressional source familiar with the Israeli military requests said. "This is really an embargo, but nobody talks about it publicly."

Obama, trying to live the Muslim dream of forcing Israel to her knees and begging for her life. Stripping her of her defenses, leading the charge of her enemies, Obama wants to vest the power of Israel's life into his hands, so that he may grant it to her, but with the caveat that she must live as he so dictates.

And when I say beg:

President Obama ...has not committed to any meetings with Israeli leaders who are scheduled to be in Washington next week and are perhaps hoping to repair what many observers are calling a mis-step between the U.S. and Israel...

Not until they are on their knees before him. Barack Hussein Obama, doing what all the Arab kings, mullahs, and chairmen have failed to do: Bend the Jewish state to his will. Oh, how the Muslim populations will swoon before him, the natural leader of the new caliphate...

We've elected more than just an ideologue, folks. We've elected an anti-Semitic megalomaniac, and given him the most powerful army in the history of civilization.

If there's a God, I hope he's awake right now, and paying attention...

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Conservative Libertine said...

Diego Garcia?

That's not even really a base? It's more like a warehouse where we send stuff that we figure we won't use but don't want to destroy....just in case.

So...Diego Garcia......[think][think][think]...oh thats one of the Maldives islands! Now I remember! Yah, that where we sent those guys from Guantánamo!

Wow, good idea to co-locate all those surplus military items close to those terrorists.