Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mayor of Seaside Arrested in Bar Brawl - Auditioning for Jersey Shore 2010?

Pity the poor cast of MTV's The Jersey Shore, derided from coast to coast. Sure, they got drunk and got into brawls at bars all across Seaside Heights, but what folks don't understand is that this behavior is not just accepted in Seaside, it is expected. It's as common as green puke on St. Patrick Day, or the burning of Detroit after a world championship.

In other words...everyone does it like that in Seaside. Including the mayor of neighboring Seaside Park, who got himself arrested by stepping in the middle of a fight between his kids, and the local cops while boozing it up at the Shore.

Classic Jersey, man:

The mayor of Seaside Park was arrested, along with his adult son and daughter, outside a nightclub in Seaside Heights, authorities said.

Mayor Thomas E. Connors was arrested with Anthony Connors, 23, and Lindsay Connors, 22, outside of Hemingway's Cafe, according to a statement released by Seaside Heights police.

Anthony Connors was being escorted from the bar by staff members, when police say he attempted to hit the staff members. Officers stopped Anthony Connors and placed him under arrest.

Police say Lindsay Connors, who began to interfere during her brother's arrest, striking a police officer on the arm and chest area, was then arrested.

As the bar's staff escorted out their father, Mayor Connors -- who had a minor injury on his face -- saw his children being taken into custody. Police say he, then, began to interfere on their behalf and was also arrested.

Anthony Connors was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Lindsay Connors was charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with an arrest and simple assault. The mayor was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with an arrest.

Maybe Mayor Connors was auditioning for his own reality show? For all of the whining from the politically correct, Seaside Heights saw a spike in tourism (in a down year) after the world was made aware - by Ronnie and Sammi and Snooki - of the lawless, late Roman empire-type fun that could be had down at the Shore. With Chris Christie cutting state funding for every township and leaving them on their own, these guys have to come up with some additional revenue, pronto.

Still, this is a Class C scandal in Jersey. Without the boastful bribery, death threats, missing bodies, and illegal organ transplants, it's a one-day story at best.

Ah, but the Jersey joy of drunken brawling with family, cops, and bouncers. It's awesome - I know it, Pauli D knows it, Mayor Connors knows it, and now you know it...

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